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Lanka Marble Interiors B.V.


LANKA MARBLE INTERIORS is worldwide leading manufacturer of luxury marble interiors for superyachts and residences. Due to the appreciation of our international clients, LANKA has been growing over the past 5 years into a solid marble-interior builder with its own production facility and extremely talented workforce.

We are operating in an industry where craftsmanship is appreciated. Therefore we will never sacrifice in QUALITY. This is of utmost importance to us. We achieve this by binding the workers to LANKA, give them an in-house training, and send them to the job with the best materials and the right back-up.
When our work on site is done, we send-out the crew with a proper training and maintenance package, in order to give the owners goods the attention he deserves.

Ultimately we offer a service and maintenance contract, unburdening the crew, their managers and the owner.


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Uiterweg 200
1431 AT Aalsmeer

Uiterweg 200
1431 AT Aalsmeer

T: 0297 761791

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